Jerusalem Season of Culture

Jerusalem Season of Culture

Jerusalem Season of Culture – Artist of the Season 2012

“Her Jerusalem”

For several months Gabriella wandered the streets of Jerusalem, her beloved city, equipped with a sketchbook and with an open heart. Step by step, she had compiled a list of locations that hold personal meaning for her, and brought them to life through illustration.

The works were collected into a travel diary as an homage to the age-old tradition of travel chronicling from Jerusalem. Gabriella’s diary is produced as a high-quality, printed format that will reflect her unique perspective of the city, including suggestions for off-the-beaten track activities; and a second, digital version. In addition, parts of the diary will be posted on billboards and bus stops across Jerusalem, and thus the diary will be “given back” to residents and come full circle.

Artistic Director: Gabriella Barouch

Design: Jenny Lumelsky

Production: Dudu Kosher, for Jerusalem Season of Culture

Artistic Director, Jerusalem Season of Culture: Itay Mautner

Pictures: Soul Royale